Dragon Software success!

In the past week I’ve started using a software package: Dragon SpeakingNaturally version 13. I bought it with high quality microphone headset and a book on how to use the program: Scott Baker’s How to Train Your Dragon.

It’s been revolutionary for me. In the past week I’ve written 6000 words when I was lucky to get 600 to 800 words, if any.

You see, there is a type of dyslexia that makes it very hard for you to type properly. I can read faster than most people I know incredibly high comprehension rates, and I can keep an entire novel in my head at the same time (several novels in a series, in fact) but the type of dyslexia that I have makes it so that there might be as many as 3 to 7 typos in a single sentence. In fact, it makes it difficult to even type my name.

Enter the Dragon! With this dictation software, which had almost no learning curve, I’m able to easily do 1000 words a day. In fact, I have to be careful, or I’ll write all day and neglect all of my other duties.

All of the books, stories, novels, etc. that has been locked inside me cannot come out as fast as I can set it on the page. I cannot tell you how liberating this is been. Expect great things for me in the future

To Sub, or not to Sub?

I’ve happily published many of my own books. After all, since I am running Abyss & Apex I’m already a publisher. And once I got myself a good team–cover artist(s), interior book designer, cover designer, and such–it was a fairly easy process.

But now, the next book I am coming out with may need an outside publisher. At least, that’s what my friends keep telling me. Writing the Entertaining Story will probably be more popular and useful than anything I’ve written thus far, and my writer-friends are unanimous in suggesting that I publish it through a traditional publisher, or at least a small press.

So, I’m considering not going Indie on this one. It would mean a delay in getting the material out, but gain it wider distribution. Ah well, the question is moot until I finish it, but thanks to my new Dragon software speeding me up I have written 3,500 words on it in the last three days. At this rate, I will have to decide soon.

It’s time for a Dragon.

Not this kind;

THIS kind.

I’ve just purchased Dragon Home software, as well as a compatible headset and a how-to book. My confidence in voice-to-text software is now very high after a year of speaking my text messages into my phone. Hopefully, this will allow me to write much more quickly. I am a dyslexic typist and constantly lose my train of thought when writing because there are as many as three to seven typos per┬ásentence that I need to go back and fix due to switching the characters, sometimes several times in one long word.

Also, the price of the has come WAY down. Moore’s Law, dontcha know.

So I will keep you all posted on how this experiment goes, but some of my writer buddies say it’s been an enormous productivity booster for them. I hope to have similar results.

The Year in Review

It was a busy year for me.

On top of publishing the usual four editions of Abyss & Apex Magazine, I wrote a few new short stories, plus I sold a few stories and a few reprints (I’ve been much better about sending my work out this year!) I attended a greater number of conventions, too. And I hired a publicist for A&A and my writing, as promotions were taking too much of my writing and editing time.

I was featured in a couple of anthologies, wrote a few poems, sold a few poems, and ran my first writing workshops. I even sold six non-fiction articles about the craft of writing. I ran my first book tables, too, and I updated my published non-fiction BETTER DATING THROUGH ENGINEERING series as things changed in dating the world. Oh, and I published a paperback version of my poetry chapbook on dealing with depression–PLANT A GARDEN AROUND YOUR LIFE–which has been a surprising best seller at conventions.

I also made great strides on my novels, deciding early in the year to finish the entire four book series and then shop it as a whole. And I started a book on the craft of writing that is nearly done: WRITING THE ENTERTAINING STORY. Sadly, there was a problem with the audiobook version of CONFESSIONS so that project will happen next year. But overall, I’m pleased with looking back at 2018.

On the home front, we had the house interior painted, got rid of the popcorn ceilings, got a new cabinet installed in the kitchen, and redid all of our floors. This constant work on the house affected my ability to work on writing and editing, at times, but the resultant work environment more than made up for it.

Here’s to a successful 2019!

Merry Christmas; Peace to you all

Here are a few photos from our Christmas.

Our Koushka (his name means ‘cat’ in Russian; so say this with a Russian accent, “Is GOOD Kitty.”) and his Christmas present: crinkly, crinkly tissue paper to claim as a bed.
Granddaughters Lora (L) and Olivia (R) help trim our tree.
They broke about half the candy canes but they are only two and four so they did great.
The finished tree.

And to all, a good night.