Meet the Artist: Jeff Lee Johnson

I first met Confessions cover artist Jeff Lee Johnson online when I was looking for someone to do the cover for The Best of Abyss & Apex, Volume 2. Since Abyss & Apex magazine published both science fiction and fantasy, we wanted a fusion of Scifi and Fantasy elements. My concept was to have the Lady of the Lake receiving a sword from a robot. Jeff delivered!

For Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer‘s cover I wanted to riff off a joke I used to make, that every morning I laced up my (construction) boots, Xena-like, and would throw the ‘clipboard of death’ at anyone misbehaving on my sites. I found a piece of art that had the right attitude and told him I wanted her in a hard hat, safety glasses, and a safety vest, with the safety items and a clipboard in color, and the rest in black and white. Sketches and clarifications flew back and forth as the concept developed but Jeff got the basic idea right away.¬† Here are a couple of his preliminary sketches:









And the final concept:









Then all he had to do was make it into a wraparound cover.

Way to go, Jeff!

The title, text and such were added by a cover designer, and we’ll talk about that next.