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Safety professional Jennifer Rosenboom has this to say about my book, debuting tomorrow. Thanks, Jennifer!

Customer Review

on November 30, 2017
As a female Safety Engineer that has worked in commercial insurance for 10 years, I found myself nodding my head many times agreeing with some of the stories that Wendy was sharing in this book. When I got my Health and Safety degree from a 4 year college, we learned how difficult it is to be a Safety Directors/Manager/Engineer because of the fine line that has to be walked for the perfect balance between upper management and the front line workers. Wendy reminds us how that difficulty is greater as a woman in that same role. Her stories, lessons learned, education to the reader is captivating, inspiring, and even humorous at times. Her true passion for safety and a genuine concern for worker safety is very evident in this book. I even found myself learning many different things from her own experiences!

This book will be great for many women of all ages to read, and they will become inspired to fulfill their dreams regardless how unconventional they might be. Wendy’s memoirs provide the support that women will need to keep persevering and stay true to themselves to achieve their dreams!