What I’m reading

I’m currently reading WIN BIGLY, by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, and not because I am a Trump fan. I’m seeing if I can glean any useful tips on persuasion to apply to book marketing. So far the following quotes have jumped out at me.

Oh heck, yeah. As a New Yorker who moved to the Deep South, that made me laugh out loud. Talking that sounds unnecessarily provocative is indeed what New Yorkers call “talking.” Nice to know Scott Adams realizes it’s just a communication style, not actual aggression. Now, if only my Southern neighbors could get that. (Yes, yes, I will tone it down.)

Here’s another good one:

“Humans are hardwired to reciprocate favors. If you want someone’s cooperation in the future, do something for that person today.”

And this is something I think I already do, but he puts it well:

“Find the sweet spot between apologizing too much, which signals a lack of confidence, and never apologizing for anything, which makes you look like a sociopath.”

Finally, let’s see how I can apply this to selling books!

I’ll do a review on Goodreads when I’m done reading this. Ciao!