Brace for impact!

Assume your crash positions, Abyss & Apex editors, we will be open to submissions in two days!

Did you all know we get about 2,000 subs in a week when we are open?

     Speaking of stats, here are only some of the statistics  we sent to Locus that will be showing up in their February 1, 2018 issue, which focuses on SF&F magazines.
     In 2017 A&A seems to have had a huge leap in readership, almost double our readers the previous year. For our average unique visitors per month (discounting one month we were hacked) was 18,400.
     A&A tallies our percentage of women writers AFTER the year is over, just to see where trying for good stories with no quotas gets us. A&A published 40% female writers, which is slightly below our usual 41-43%
     Get the February edition of Locus to see who we at Abyss & Apex think are authors to watch.