Yes, I pay my cover artists

This weekend I went to visit relatives on my husband’s side. One of them is a successful artist. She really ruffled my feathers.

I’m very annoyed with her. She just ASSUMED I’d gotten my covers done for free or cheap. I believe you pay the artist, artisan, writer or anyone else for their creative work! I don’t bilk my cover artists out of their money. I pay for my book covers, people.

The cover for The Best of Abyss & Apex, Volume One was done my my friends Kenn Brown and Chris Wren of Mondolithic Studios (now Mondoworks). They gave us quite a discount compared to corporate clients like Wired & Scientific American, but it was still hefty enough I had to make payments. They also did a back cover, so I felt like I was getting a two-fer, but…not cheap.

I paid the same hefty amount, several hundred dollars, for the cover of The Best of Abyss & Apex, Volume Two. This was to an artist I found on DeviantĀ  Art–Jeff Lee Johnson.

Jeff Lee Johnson was also paid nicely for the cover for Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer. He earned it.

The covers for my Better Dating Through Engineering books, for men and women, and my poetry chapbook were done by a graphic freelance artist who goes by the name of Bombyx. And yes, he was paid, too, including a bonus for the updated covers this year.

Luke 1, verse 7, says “A workman is worthy of his hire.” These artists made my visions a reality and deserved my support.

Support the artists!