Sale! a reprint of “Groundskeeper” will appear in

Sale! Now that i have the contract, I can tell you all that in 2019 a reprint of my tale of Confederate ghosts, “The Groundskeeper’s Tale,” will appear in FANTASY FOR THE THRONE.

On one hand it’s great that I get to work with Tom Easton as editor and Ian Randall Strock as publisher. And if the talent in FANTASY FOR THE THRONE is comparable to SCIENCE FICTION FOR THE THRONE, I will be in impressive company. On the other hand, in a way it’s rather embarrassing, actually, to have my work in a volume of “one sitting reads” meant for, well, take a look at the cover for┬áSCIENCE FICTION FOR THE THRONE.

I can only imagine what the cover for FANTASY FOR THE THRONE will look like. My contributor’s copy will be an interesting addition to my brag shelf.