What it takes

Writing and editing are work. I spend most days, butt-in-chair from at least 9-to-5, doing not just work on Abyss & Apex Magazine, but professionally editing for clients, writing (fiction and non-fiction), networking and promoting, and so much more. My son says I am, “..the busiest ‘retired’ person” he’s ever met. I’m not retired; this is a second career. And I am loving it.

Today, for example, I sent off a fully revised book to the book designer. (We used to call them typesetters, but it’s been all digital for decades.) I had a rejection of a short story, researched a new market for it, and sent it back out. I did an interview with a review site, worked on a promotional graphic, promoted a poem in the recent issue of Abyss & Apex, and read someone’s book for review. I thanked a reviewer who left a kind note on Amazon, sent out a contract and several rejections and dealt with author queries, and wrote the notes for a panel I will be moderating this weekend. I researched how to sell my ebooks at cons on thumb drives, inventoried my stock of books to sell, and ordered more books.

And next I am going to get some more words for Writing the Entertaining Story, and outline two non–fiction articles I’ve been contracted to write. If I still have energy, I’ll try to finish a short story.

When do I do housework? Well, I have to get up and stretch once an hour. But this is what I do. As Julie Czerneda says, I #Love my life.