She fights entropy!

Things wear out or break. And the misfortunes came in threes this week. First, the power supply on my recreational computer in our living room broke (no data loss), and I am currently using a souped-up fancy gaming computer my husband loaned me until my PC is fixed. Notice all the blue lights. It’s shiny!

Next, I spilled water on the keyboard for my work laptop, and yes I keep my work and play computers separate. The keyboard of my work computer, when dried, was still totally borked. A replacement laptop keyboard is coming in the mail. Until then, a plug-in keyboard is doing the job. Again, no data loss.

The third thing to go was the handle on our brand new, under warranty Hotpoint electric stove. Only, handles and knobs are not covered under the warranty, and the handle is just a cheap piece of plastic–this was the 3rd time it broke in 4 months! So we are having a custom steel handle made.

Now off to work on slush, and editing work, where I will again put on that cape and fight a different type of entropy. And then there will be new words from me on Writing the Entertaining Story.