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One of the things I do as a science fiction editor (and writer) is try to keep up on technological developments that may impact projected future worlds.  As a service to my readers and fans of Abyss & Apex, I often post articles about science that catch my eye. Here’s a really interesting one about advanced tech being used in firefighting.

As people in the genre are wont to say about such things, “There’s a story in this.”

Illustration from Interesting Engineering

In recent years, civil engineers and firefighters have adopted new methods to put out fires and save lives. Firefighting techniques break down into a few categories: Preemptive, suppressive, and survival. Preemptive technologies work to prevent a fire before they begin. Suppressive technologies are techniques employed to douse flames which have already begun burning. Finally, in worst case situations, survival technologies work to save firefighters and civilians from the worst: the confrontation of flames, smoke, and debris. (Read More…)