Back from ConGregate

Back from my first ConGregate and I really enjoyed it. Erudition and wit will re-commence shortly. But first, some photos:

Here I am getting ready for my first panel. FWIW my hair is now long enough I can style it into a chignon.

And here’s the first panel:

I fell in love with this Mary Poppins hat in the dealer’s room…

…but had nowhere to wear it. Still, I had to try it on.

Obligatory hall costumes shot!

Here I am helping to run the Allen Wold Regionally Famous Writers Workshop. Poor Allen was made to wear a sign the advertised his unpopular opinion, that, “…blood does not taste like copper; blood tastes like blood!” in vampire books, etc.

Hey, I didn’t make the sign.

Tera Fullbright, the programming director for ConGregate, heard great things about my writing workshop at RavenCon and wants me to come back next year and present it. Whoot!