Audiobook in the works

Here is a picture of the woman who will be doing a professional audiobook version of Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer, Kate Brannan.

You might like to know how I chose Kate to do the reading. I’ve met various voice actors and audiobook readers at conventions, and I’ve followed the adventures of friends in the industry–and in the music industry–enough to know that while it’s often customary for the writer of a non-fiction book to do their own reading, you need a good place to read without background noise ruining the recording. I did not have that. And after the reading is done there are all sorts of things needed sound edited in post production. I only knew enough to know that anything I did without professional help would sound amateurish indeed. But professional readers and editing services are pricey. So I asked around, and ended up taking a voice-audition by Kate.

Kate is a friend of someone back in NY that I’ve known since I was 19 years old–Peggy (Lasouska) Mallard. She’s a radio personality and does radio theater. I fell in love with her voice, and I think you will, too. She loves my book, which helps. I’ll post a sample of her reading from Confessions, soon.