Dragon Software success!

In the past week I’ve started using a software package: Dragon SpeakingNaturally version 13. I bought it with high quality microphone headset and a book on how to use the program: Scott Baker’s How to Train Your Dragon.

It’s been revolutionary for me. In the past week I’ve written 6000 words when I was lucky to get 600 to 800 words, if any.

You see, there is a type of dyslexia that makes it very hard for you to type properly. I can read faster than most people I know incredibly high comprehension rates, and I can keep an entire novel in my head at the same time (several novels in a series, in fact) but the type of dyslexia that I have makes it so that there might be as many as 3 to 7 typos in a single sentence. In fact, it makes it difficult to even type my name.

Enter the Dragon! With this dictation software, which had almost no learning curve, I’m able to easily do 1000 words a day. In fact, I have to be careful, or I’ll write all day and neglect all of my other duties.

All of the books, stories, novels, etc. that has been locked inside me cannot come out as fast as I can set it on the page. I cannot tell you how liberating this is been. Expect great things for me in the future