Reaching the Tip Over Point

Writing the Entertaining Story has reached what I call the “tip over point.” It’s like when a ballistic missile has reached its apogee and then starts aiming down toward its target. I can see the final book now, albeit from a great height. As I get closer to the target, it looks more and more detailed, and things go faster and faster.

Yesterday I spent an entire working day on WTES. I spent eight hours on the structure, identifying where the chapters started and naming them, and merging/purging duplicated sections. Despite cutting a lot of it I still managed to add 2K more words.

Today I will be moving chapters around into their final order: first in the table of contents, and then the chapters themselves. There are still many chapters to flesh out, and many examples to insert. I have to research certain passages until I can back them up, and then write them based on the research. The endnotes will need to have their style smoothed.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s going to be an awesome book.