Going Indie with WTES

Sunday to Monday I spent a near-sleepless night. I was wrestling with a decision: well-meaning friends were insisting that I needed to get a publisher for Writing the Entertaining Story rather than publish it myself. Yet I felt more and more… constrained. It’s not like I don’t already run a publishing house. WTES could have been out by now, and all of my research said that only large presses or Indies will publish such a thing. I decided to dedicate Monday to making a decision. A few heartfelt and difficult discussions with industry pros later, I realized that I might as well get Writing the Entertaining Story out there as an independently published book. So I withdrew it from a few places that were looking at it, and started the process.

I have cover art and a cover designer already, and it’s been through beta readers. You cannot edit your own work so I needed an editor, and I contacted someone I trusted to do that. I scheduled an interior book designer. I contacted A&A’s publicist and will be getting out ARCs tomorrow.

The goal is to get it out by September 1, in time to check a print copy and then order copies for Albacon and Capclave. Onward!