Ebook of Writing the Entertaining Story is now live

The ebook version is here! Buy it now.

The paperback version will probably debut at Capclave (Oct. 19). The paperback version was held up by, among other things, Hurricane Dorian because Amazon’s local priniting for my area is done in Charlston SC. So the paperback edited author’s proof did not get to me in time to make the same date as the ebook of WTES. There were editorial changes to the paperback version, and once those and the new cover are approved in a new proof, the same changes will go into the ebook. (Those who buy the ebook now will get a free update when those editorial changes go in, but they were mainly comma placements.)

New Blurb: “Wendy S. Delmater’s Writing the Entertaining Story is a must-read for all new and aspiring writers. Leveraging her years of experience as editor of the acclaimed speculative fiction magazine Abyss & Apex, Delmater has written a comprehensive and invaluable guidebook on the craft of storytelling. The book presents numerous examples of stellar writing from different venues and also contains helpful “pro tips” and warnings about common pitfalls (denominated with a “Danger, Will Robinson!” heading). Simply put, every writer should own this book.” –  Mercurio D. Rivera, Science Fiction Author