Random cat pics

Our feline overlords, Koushka and Tigre, run this house. We’re just staff.

Koushka, who will not wear a collar, wearing a bandanna like a dog.
Tigre, like a tiger, is not afraid of water.
New pillow. New items in the house must be slept on or against by the cats to claim them.

Cover concept: Best of A&A Vol. 3

As promised, here is a rough picture of what the cover for The Best of Abyss & Apex, Volume Three will look like. Just like Best of 1 & 2, the concept blends science fiction and fantasy in an unusual way.

Artist Jeff Lee Johnson. Projected release date November 15, 2019.

Book Quote Wednesday Strikes Again!

This week the #bookqw keyword is “Finger.” I once saw an entire flatbed truck parked in Times Square, filled with one enornous finger! Meanwhile, some ironworkers were giving safety the finger. As a safety manager it was always hard for me to watch unsafe acts at nearby sites that I was not in charge of. They were playing Russian roulette with their own lives. Two of them died.

“I wish it were a novel, so I could buy the sequel!” – Amazon Reviewer. Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077VP5M94/


My book sales at the mass signing at Capclave were brisk: I sold 25 paperbacks and (according to Amazon) several ebook copies of mostly Writing the Entertaining Story and the two extisting Best of Abyss & Apex anthologies. I also sold some copies of Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer–everyone loves the cover.

It was a good feeling, coming home to a nice email about sales via my Square, a nice sales report from Amazon, and a wallet full of cash. I could get used to this.

At Capclave 2019

Here are some photos of me at Capclave, the Washington DC area Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary Convention.

Image may contain: Wendy Delmater Thies, smiling, sitting
gearing up for the Writing the Entertaining Story workshop.
Image may contain: one or more people and indoor
Mass signing at Capclave. I’m at the top of the photo at a table that has balloons for Writing the Entertaining Story’s book birthday.
Dawn the Dodo, Capclave mascot, came to celebrate Writing the Entertainigns Story’s book birthday. Photo by Capclave.