The Writer Diet

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My diet coach contacted me last night, wanting to know if I was ready, and she was all bubbly about me starting “our adventure.” Not yet – I’m waiting on approval from my doctor. But argh. This will no doubt be my first of several complaints about how unintentionally abrasive such a chipper cheerleader can be. As in, “I’m so excited about us starting your journey together!” Ugh. Bah, humbug. Let’s just do this without any freaking fanfare, shall we? Or get off my lawn.

Anyhow, once my doctor okays it I’m about to start a diet that’s mostly protein shakes and a daily nutrition bar with one real meal of just meat and veggies I’ll stick to it. Supposedly it helps you reset your “set point” at a lower weight and mine’s been stuck way too high for too many years. I’ve already tried Atkins, South Beach, Keto, Weight Watchers, and exercise. I’m not going to try bariatric surgery except as a last resort. Now that my heart is beating correctly due to the pacemaker, and my blood is therefore oxygenating properly, and now that my strength and stamina have quadrupled – it’s time to get serious. I’m not a diabetic and I do not want to become one.

So expect grumpiness but hey, it’s really working for a friend of mine. And if it works for me my husband Brian’s gonna try it, too.