The Scarf Lady

(Please don’t make political comments about this post as I am trying to lighten the mood a bit.) Okay, I have an admission to make. I am enamored of a new fashion icon (who is my age!), someone who often shows up at those daily Covid-19 White House press briefings. Her name is Dr. Deborah Birx. and she’s a physician as well as a diplomat so I admire her for her accomplishments, but mostly I just call her The Scarf Lady. As in, “Look honey, the Scarf Lady is on!”

I. Am. In. Awe of her ability to look polished and regal using little more than a plain outfit and an artfully tied or draped scarf.

I’m taking notes. I want to be The Scarf Lady. You get your inspiration where you can find it and she inspires me.

Now excuse me while I go choose to which scarf to wear today…

2 thoughts on “The Scarf Lady

  1. The scarfs that are worn by Dr Birx are fetching and a welcome distraction from the gloomy news she brings.

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