#bookqw – keyword is “Good”

For Book Quote Wednesday #bookqw – today’s keyword is “Good” as in “not a good environment.”

Here are some of the other reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars.  “A different but extremely enjoyable read! Wendy’s real life account of her personal and working career is engaging and VERY interesting. I loved reading about all the crazy things people do on job sites. The writing is personal and well done. Wendy knows how to put a story together. Note that the book is a long one and I didn’t even notice until the end. Great work, Wendy! I’m going to look for more of your work. Kudos.” – Amazon reviewer

A glimpse through the keyhole. If you’ve ever been in a city, and looked up at ongoing construction over your head and wondered, “How do they know that’s safe?” this book is full of interesting information. The stories are fascinating. A fun read!