Regarding our elderly cat

We’ve had some vet bills this week.

Koushka, our older house cat, has been flinching as if in sudden pain since just after the beginning of the coronavirus stay-at-home guidelines. Brian and I were every worried: what if it was something like cancer? So we got him to the vet when they opened back up, although that meant he was carried inside in the hated cat carrier and I had to wait in the car.

Kouska. His name is Russian for cat.

I breathed a sign of relief to know that it was “just” arthritis, which we could continue to relieve with CBD cat treats and glucosamine in wet food, but there was another problem. His heart rate was 270, up from 250 a year ago. A cat’s heart rate should be 150, and they suspected a thyroid problem. He got a blood test and we got the results on Thursday. He’ll be on thyroid meds for the rest of his life, but he’s worth it because he’s a Good Boi.

Right now we are working on the proper dosage of his meds. They gave us a month’s worth of what is probably the correct dosage. When he’d been on them for 3 weeks they’ll do a blood test to see if it’s working. At that point we can get a three-month supply for very little money.