My grandmother was a Gibson Girl

Say hello across time to my mother’s mother, Elisabeth Bohme Good.

I never met her. She was still alive when my mother had me but died when I was about one year old, because my mother was a menopause baby, a surprise child born when my grandmother was in her late 40s.

I think my grandmother was beautiful. I know she was smart. Elisabeth was a college graduate in an age where women rarely went to college, and a teacher, as well has the head of her local Presbyterian church’s missionary society. She married a Westinghouse engineer who was blackballed for trying to stop dangerous factory conditions via a union. Her father was the head of a Lutheran seminary in Germany, who emigrated to the USA in the early 1800s, and his father was a German rabbi who decided that Yeshua had been the messiah after all.

And that’s my Throwback Thursday post. Thanks for reading.

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