For Book Quote Wednesday

The #bookqw keyword of the week is “Gloom.” Here’s a quote from one of the books in the MIME series that I am working on.

About the MIME series: it’s a space opera I started writing right about when my life crowded out almost any time to write. I was abandoned with three small children and worked two jobs just to stay at the “grinding poverty” level while going to college and caring for them. Once out of college, I transitioned to commuting to NYC to work while moving in with my sister to spend several years with my teens and I taking care of my dying mother – and then my sister got sick as well. And THAT work in NYC became mandatory overtime once my mother passed away, which meant 80-hr weeks including the commute. I could finally write once I married but even then there were issues with my stepdaughter in the house, taking more control of Abyss & Apex once I had the time, and constant home repairs. Still, I published three anthologies and wrote five non-fiction books out of my notes over my 11 years in South Carolina, and I finished one of the four planned MIME novels. And now I am finally devoting my main efforts to finishing the rest of them.

All of this is to say that if you’ve heard me talking about these novels before, yes – it’s the same books. I’ve learned so much about writing over the years that I can apply to finishing them. Many writers–probably most writers–write new things and discard their earlier efforts. I want to make the MIME books the story that was always in my heart.