For Book Quote Wednesday

Here’s a snippet from my work in progress, MIME SHAFT: book 3 of the MIME series. #bookqw

I had the original idea for the Mime series when my children were small, and I was struggling as a dirt-poor single parent. I kept notes on it, but really didn’t start writing the novels until I joined an online writing workshop about 18 years ago. Even then, there was very little that I could do was far as writing time was concerned. I was a single parent while I was taking care of my mother when she was dying, while I was working two jobs, while I was going to college. And when my mother died and college was over I had to deal with mandatory overtime and a long commute that made for 80-hour weeks. But I never gave up on the dream.

I now have the time (in between renovating this house, taking care of my wonderful husband, and my editing career) to finally write these books. Book 1 – Mime – is nearly finished. Book 2 – The Sands of Mime, which I wrote first of all because it contained the original concept – is done. And I’m about halfway through writing book 3 – Mime Shaft. Book 4, Mime Stream, continues to flesh out and I cannot wait to share this world with you all.

Well, okay I can wait, but I think I’ve waited long enough. I want to get this done!