First pass on a complex editing project done!

Whoo-whee that was a job and a half, but when we’ve finished the second pass on this novel it’s going to shine. Without going into names or too much detail, here were the main issues:

  • The novel has a braided plot, like The Empire Strikes Back–where half the action is Luke training with Yoda on Daggoba, and half is Han and the crew being betrayed on Cloud City. Except in this case the two halves of the story were 200 years apart, on various spaceships and two planets. How to make that clockwork run smoothly took serious thought for two weeks.
  • It comes across as a tragedy (it’s not). The struggle was to keep it readable until the hope shows up in some slam-bang reveals.
  • A really boring-but-necessary character (just one, the rest were fantastic) who made me want to skim when he showed up.

All are fixed if my client likes my suggestions.

I love my work.