A rescue

Why yes, we do have another cat besides our rescue kitten,Tucker: Snickers. And yesterday we almost lost her.

Three nights ago she did not come home. Two days ago, due to perhaps divine intervention (and I am of the opinion that “coincidences” are when God decides to remain anonymous), Brian felt strongly to look for her in the neighbor’s crawl space. The door to that crawl space, which is directly across from our house, was open the day before Snickers went missing. Now it was closed.

She was in there, with no food or water, and if she’d stayed locked in there overnight when it was in the teens she might not have survived.

She is -my- cat but she spent the next day letting him know how grateful she was, following him everywhere, sitting next to him, and rubbing against him affectionately.

Then she snuggled into my lap, purring and warm.