The Year in Review

It was a busy year for me.

On top of publishing the usual four editions of Abyss & Apex Magazine, I wrote a few new short stories, plus I sold a few stories and a few reprints (I’ve been much better about sending my work out this year!) I attended a greater number of conventions, too. And I hired a publicist for A&A and my writing, as promotions were taking too much of my writing and editing time.

I was featured in a couple of anthologies, wrote a few poems, sold a few poems, and ran my first writing workshops. I even sold six non-fiction articles about the craft of writing. I ran my first book tables, too, and I updated my published non-fiction BETTER DATING THROUGH ENGINEERING series as things changed in dating the world. Oh, and I published a paperback version of my poetry chapbook on dealing with depression–PLANT A GARDEN AROUND YOUR LIFE–which has been a surprising best seller at conventions.

I also made great strides on my novels, deciding early in the year to finish the entire four book series and then shop it as a whole. And I started a book on the craft of writing that is nearly done: WRITING THE ENTERTAINING STORY. Sadly, there was a problem with the audiobook version of CONFESSIONS so that project will happen next year. But overall, I’m pleased with looking back at 2018.

On the home front, we had the house interior painted, got rid of the popcorn ceilings, got a new cabinet installed in the kitchen, and redid all of our floors. This constant work on the house affected my ability to work on writing and editing, at times, but the resultant work environment more than made up for it.

Here’s to a successful 2019!

Number six and more to come

Did you all know that Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer was my sixth book? There are the two anthologies I edited: The Best of Abyss & Apex Volumes 1 & Volume 2.

And there is my poetry chapbook, Plant Garden Around Your Life , as well as my two non-fiction books about dating later in life: Better Dating Through Engineering (for women), and Better Dating Through Engineering for Men.

And here is what is in the works:

  • Wolves’ Masquerade
  • Writing the Entertaining Story
  • Mime
  • The Sands of Mime
  • Mime Shaft
  • Mime Stream

Plus a host of short stories. Stay tuned!


Doing edits on BDTE series

Since Craigslist no longer has a personals section, today I’m editing the Better Dating Through Engineering books to reflect that. And since today is all about the romance, here is a chivalrous mouse offering his lady love a flower. 

Happy Re-Release Day!

The new and improved 2018 versions of Better Dating Through Engineering (BDTE), and Better Dating Through Engineering for Men, are up and online at Amazon.

BDTE Women (Kindle, paperback)

I do the science so you don’t have to: cost effectiveness of online dating venues, and a simple tracking system that lets you know when you’re making progress. You will be in control of your choices and find success in love. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

If you’ve been out of the dating world for the last 20 or 30 years, the book will also let you know how to handle the new world of online dating with ease. Pitfalls, tips and tricks to make dating again work for the older woman – it’s all here.

Better Dating Through Engineering was vetted by a clinical psychologist, who not only pronounced the advice sound but stated that reading the book feels like sharing a cup of coffee with a good friend.

BDTE Men (Kindle, paperback)

What does BDTE Men have to offer?

  • There are types of predatory women that will destroy a man who marries or remarries late in life, unless he’s careful. BDTE Men helps sort them out.
  • Men can be destroyed by unforgiveness and bitterness; BDTE Men shows how to deal with anger and betrayal from an unfaithful or cruel ex.
  • How to avoid the hookers are mostly online nowadays. BDTE Men helps you to learn how to spot prostitutes pretending to be real prospects:
  • How to put yourself in the best light with your online profile AND be yourself, and have fun – and not go broke dating in the process!

Now that’s what I call a login

It’s log, log, log. 

Like most writers, I try to cut costs on my business, and that includes overhead like heating in the winter. So here’s yesterday’s haul from getting some free firewood from a coworker of my husband’s who lives in a very rural area. It’s all seasoned oak. Our Subaru had no trouble pulling it in four trailer loads but it was a full day’s work.

Fresh air on a cold day, exercise, and we came home to make hot chocolate and built a lovely fire.

And now I am back to work on my next project, a paperback release of  Better Dating Through Engineering for Men, with both the ebook and new release updated for 2018.