#bookqw – keyword is “Good”

For Book Quote Wednesday #bookqw – today’s keyword is “Good” as in “not a good environment.”

Here are some of the other reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars.  “A different but extremely enjoyable read! Wendy’s real life account of her personal and working career is engaging and VERY interesting. I loved reading about all the crazy things people do on job sites. The writing is personal and well done. Wendy knows how to put a story together. Note that the book is a long one and I didn’t even notice until the end. Great work, Wendy! I’m going to look for more of your work. Kudos.” – Amazon reviewer

A glimpse through the keyhole. If you’ve ever been in a city, and looked up at ongoing construction over your head and wondered, “How do they know that’s safe?” this book is full of interesting information. The stories are fascinating. A fun read!

The Year in Review

It was a busy year for me.

On top of publishing the usual four editions of Abyss & Apex Magazine, I wrote a few new short stories, plus I sold a few stories and a few reprints (I’ve been much better about sending my work out this year!) I attended a greater number of conventions, too. And I hired a publicist for A&A and my writing, as promotions were taking too much of my writing and editing time.

I was featured in a couple of anthologies, wrote a few poems, sold a few poems, and ran my first writing workshops. I even sold six non-fiction articles about the craft of writing. I ran my first book tables, too, and I updated my published non-fiction BETTER DATING THROUGH ENGINEERING series as things changed in dating the world. Oh, and I published a paperback version of my poetry chapbook on dealing with depression–PLANT A GARDEN AROUND YOUR LIFE–which has been a surprising best seller at conventions.

I also made great strides on my novels, deciding early in the year to finish the entire four book series and then shop it as a whole. And I started a book on the craft of writing that is nearly done: WRITING THE ENTERTAINING STORY. Sadly, there was a problem with the audiobook version of CONFESSIONS so that project will happen next year. But overall, I’m pleased with looking back at 2018.

On the home front, we had the house interior painted, got rid of the popcorn ceilings, got a new cabinet installed in the kitchen, and redid all of our floors. This constant work on the house affected my ability to work on writing and editing, at times, but the resultant work environment more than made up for it.

Here’s to a successful 2019!

For Book Quote Wednesday

Today’s #bookqw keyword is “Thanks.” (You could see that one coming, right?) So here’s the quote, from Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer.

It’s available at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Amazon, Scribid, Kobo, and at Walmart.com.