Reviews starting to roll in

The first review of Confessions of a Female Safety Engineer is in, and it’s up at Goodreads! Wow – she gave it five stars. Here’s an excerpt and I will be putting this review on my Reviews page.

Confessions Of A Female Safety Engineer uncorks what it means and how it feels to be a woman charting a career course in a field predominantly and historically dominated by men. This collection of tales introduce you to Wendy, whose perseverance, strength, and courage humbles me as a woman, for I don’t know that I could rise as strong as she did in the face of all the adversity she experienced.

This collection of experiences, which span Wendy’s career from arduous start to triumphant finish, will re-introduce you to the meaning of ‘work’ and ‘try’ and ‘gumption’. You’ll shake your head at all she had to (often needlessly, and because of sheer misogyny) face. You’ll laugh sometimes. At other points you’ll tear up. You will, without question, root for Wendy.  – Bonnie Randall

There’s more. I’m blushing. But I’m really, really glad she enjoyed it. Thanks, Bonnie!