My ConCarolinas Schedule

Here’ my schedule for ConCarolinas. And yes, I’m doing a panel called “Finding Your Inner Smut Queen.” While I personally don’t write smut, I edit it all the time. You can especially ask the novelists I’ve worked with, but it’s in some short stories, too.

Friday, June 1

3:00pm – Choosing an Editor
10:00pm – Finding Your Inner Smut Queen

Saturday, June 2

10:00am – Writing What You Don’t Know
2:00pm – Live Action Editing
5:00pm – Worldbuilding (moderator)
7:00pm – Out, Out, Damned Slush!

Sunday, June 3

9:00am – The Eternal Time Suck (moderator)
10:00am – Reading with Wendy S Delmater
11:00am – Selling your book in 244 characters or less