Emotional support animal

I have been roundly harangued.

We both have been. Since Brian left for work at the usual time and hitched a ride to ConCarolinas last weekend, and I left at the usual time to do my Friday errands, our cat Koushka, who normally sees the last minute dash and large batch of suitcases and figures out we are leaving, didn’t have a clue. So he did not have to be removed from blocking our car so we could leave, but he also was VERY WORRIED that we would never return. If I could translate what he said, loudly, it was along the lines of, “Where were you? I was so worried. I became frantic with worry! Don’t you love me? Why didn’t you TELL me you were leaving (so I could block the car)?” Et cetera, et cetera. Then he stuck to us like glue for about 36 hours until he was sure we would not disappear on him.

I’ve come to the conclusion we are his emotional support animals.