Vacation photos

I’m visiting Long Island, New York this week, spending time with my son and his family.

Here are a couple of photos of them:

10-year-old Garrett and me.

My son Chris had grown a beard; his wife Lia is behind him.

The area is also billed as a vacation paradise, and rightly so if you’re into water sports of any kind since it is and island. So yesterday, I went to a north shore and a south shore beach.

Here’s Wading River Beach, Town of Brookhaven. It looks sandy but that’s just sand thrown down on a very rocky and pebbly beach. I took a long walk and did not so much swim as wade.

Next, I tried to stop at the Tesla Science Center,

But it was closed for renovations.

I did get to see a herd of deer inside the center grounds.

Lunch was at the most excellent J& R Steakhouse, in Calverton, NY, with a view of a golf course.

Then I drove south, past Brookhaven National Laboratory, to the Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s the eastern entrance to Fire Island National Seashore…

…next to which is Smith Haven State Park. It has a sandy beach as opposed to the rocky north shore beaches on the brackish Long Island Sound.

At that point I headed for my son’s house to hang out with my daughter-in-law and grandkids some more. We played games and watched anime.

So Friday was a lovely vacation day. Saturday they’ll all have plans and I will have a work day, after I’ve slept off the sun and sand.