The F.A.R.T. System

I forget where I saw this. But you might want to copy down the F.A.R.T. System for dealing with social media gaffes in case you need it someday. I know  I will!

F-Feel the emotion that comes as a result of the setback. Indulge yourself in feeling that emotion for no more than a half hour so you do not become engulfed in it. Whether it’s a missed opportunity, a wardrobe malfunction, shit happens. (So do farts.) You’re not alone.

A-Assess the damages. Once you’ve processed your feelings, it’s easier to see what should happen next. Does the situation need to be addressed publicly? Should it be ignored, or perhaps addressed quickly and quietly with a “Pardon me”? Assess the damages to strategize the best response.

R– Respond: Sometimes it’s important to post the correction on social media. “I apologize that some of you didn’t get a signed copy of my book at the launch party. If you private message me, I’ll get you one as soon as possible.”

T– Tell a fellow writer or two about your mishap. Or write about it. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to pick out the lessons learned or to have a laugh at yourself or the situation.