Goodreads and Amazon Reviews

I spent my morning copying over the reviews that I had done on the most recent edition of Abyss & Apex onto Goodreads, and added them to Amazon. Putting up a review of a book that you did not pay for on Amazon is often fraught with peril: because I was not a “verified purchaser” will they disallow it or allow it to be published? I will have to watch my email to find out.

Goodreads doesn’t care about that, but has its own hazards. This time I ran into a short story collection that had two different versions posted. One mentioned the editors as if they were authors, and the other mentioned some of the authors. I asked the Goodreads librarians to merge the two.

Then I started reviewing a book I’d just read for the coming July edition of A&A.

Some days, it’s all about the reviews.