After two weeks of intensive revisions

The Sands of Mime is finally the novel I envisioned, back before I knew how to write the book that was in my head. Years of wanting to write but barely having the time to take care of crushing familial responsibilities got in the way. Abandonment, single parenthood plus working while going to college, single parenthood plus taking care of my elderly mother while my sister in the house was not well, mandatory overtime that led to 80-hr work weeks, crushing illness – I never lost the dream. I plugged away at it even though occasionally cruel, sneering writers called me a hobbyist…not a real writer.

Yes, I’ve editing Abyss & Apex most of this time, and yes, I’ve written non-fiction books but the idea was to get them off my hard drive and out of my way to write THIS. I cannot tell you how happy this novel being finished makes me.

One thought on “After two weeks of intensive revisions

  1. I think you sent me some of this novel one time, Wendy. This is Brad in Houston. Congratulations I am sure it will do well, maybe make it as a movie, etc. Hope so.
    Blessings always, Brad

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