My niece’s wedding: photos

(click/scroll down for more pictures.) Shelby Dix, nee Thies, is a lovely young woman getting a graduate degree in STEM and we could not be more proud of her. Note the basin and pitcher on the ground: there was a Christian “foot-washing ceremony,” a lovely custom that basically is symbolic of them serving each other. He husband Sean Dix is an avid gardener, like I am, and gave out heirloom seeds as wedding favors. I predict a seed exchange in our future. And his sister, Sarah, will be joining Abyss & Apex as a first reader!

My husband (2nd from the left) and his four brothers. Yes, the one in the center wearing shorts, sandals and a suit jacket is a real character.

Group photo of me and my brothers and sisters in law (and one niece, far right). As soon as the wedding and reception were over and we took this photo, it rained cats and dogs. I’m glad the clouds held back until then!

It was a very long trip–ten hours each way–and the second weekend in a row I was not home to to do my usual weekend chores, so I am just now really getting back into full days of writing, editing, and working on Abyss & Apex, 3rd Quarter, 2018 (July 1 edition.) We have some great stories coming your way!