To Sub, or not to Sub?

I’ve happily published many of my own books. After all, since I am running Abyss & Apex I’m already a publisher. And once I got myself a good team–cover artist(s), interior book designer, cover designer, and such–it was a fairly easy process.

But now, the next book I am coming out with may need an outside publisher. At least, that’s what my friends keep telling me. Writing the Entertaining Story will probably be more popular and useful than anything I’ve written thus far, and my writer-friends are unanimous in suggesting that I publish it through a traditional publisher, or at least a small press.

So, I’m considering not going Indie on this one. It would mean a delay in getting the material out, but gain it wider distribution. Ah well, the question is moot until I finish it, but thanks to my new Dragon software speeding me up I have written 3,500 words on it in the last three days. At this rate, I will have to decide soon.