Free online gardening workshop!

Hello, all:

I’ll be doing a free workshop in the THRIVE Personal Growth Community, on December 6, on the topic: How to Grow Food Even with Little Space or Experience, based on my new book Grow Food at Home. Today’s the release date for that on all but Amazon, which should happen in a few days.

If you’re worried about supply chain issues at the grocery store, or just want to eat healthy, don’t despair. Why not grow some of your own food? It’s easier than you think.

In my workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why right now is the perfect time to plan your spring garden
  • Types of gardens (in-ground, container, hydroponic, greenhouse) and ways to get around space limitations
  • How to decide what to grow, based on your location (using the USDA Zones and state Cooperative Extensions)
  • Can’t-fail things to plant
  • Great resources for seeds, bushes, and dwarf trees
  • How to prepare the ground for your plants
  • Common mistakes and how to prevent them
  • Preservation techniques for your harvest

Join us and learn how to get started on the joys of growing your own food!

After my presentation, they’ll open the floor for your gardening questions. Show up live to get answers.

Here’s how to join.

Wendy S. Delmater